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We solved a global issue !

underwear that could end plumber’s crack in our lifetime !
« The Plumber’s Crack » was created for all of those who need to kneel in their working time and need to hide their lower back.

The products were designed to ensure a permanent support and great comfort. You will benefit from a flawless and long-lasting protection from prying eyes, no matter your body posture.


Made out of premium quality, soft cotton jersey. Equipped with a 2,3 inches wide elastic waistband that perfectly fits any type of body.

It ensures an perfect support and an optimum comfort.


Our underwear pieces are available for all body types, with sizes ranging from S to XXXL – soon up to XXXXL – because curvy buttocks also deserve to be properly covered!



 We always choose the best fabric in order to offer our customers premium quality products.

Woven in a premium quality jersey for more softness.

The elastic waistband is made in France. It was created after 6 months of intense technical research and is very pleasant to wear: it is soft, has a velvety feel and does not mark the skin.

DAILYMAIL – He’s cracked it! Man invents underwear that solves the problem of workmen showing ‘builder’s bum’

He's cracked it! Man invents underwear that solves the problem of workmen showing 'builder's bum' A French builder claims he has finally solved the age old problem of the infamous 'builder's bum' with the invention of some high-tech underwear. Adrien Herve-Pellissier,...

THE LOCAL – Frenchman develops ‘cure’ for builder’s bum

A Frenchman is hoping to revolutionize the building and services trade after inventing special underwear that caters for the infamous “builder’s bum”. He tells The Local how he’s trying to put a smile on the cheeks of French people.

Odditycentral – French Entrepreneur Creates Special Underwear That Cures Plumber’s Crack

Thanks to French builder Adrien Herve-Pellissier, the infamous ‘builder’s bum’ – a.k.a ‘plumber’s crack’ – could be a thing of the past. He’s invented a special variety of boxer shorts with an elastic band that adequately covers the offensive area. Given how common...

YAHOO NEWS – The End Of Builder’s Bum? Frenchman Comes Up With Crack Invention

That age-old construction industry problem of the builder’s bum? Well, a French inventor thinks he’s cracked it.

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